Mobile Transformation for VIRGIN MEDIA

2015 was a year of significant transition for Virgin Media's mobile business. MTP is programme to update Virgin Media's entire infrastructure for its mobile business, to provide full MVNO services. Supported by several 3rd party providers both UK based and overseas, changes were rolled out across the entire business.


OUR Role

We led the the entire end-to-end online process for Mobile Transformation (MTP) across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


MTP allows Virgin Media to gain greater control of the customer experience and product roadmap, enable product innovation through improved time to market and future business plans. We work with the Virgin Media digital team to provide a brand new online sales and logged in self-service area experiences for new and existing mobile customers across all viewing devices.


Some of the challenges we faced were aligning significant strategic technology and business process re-engineering to realise key benefits, while engaging with multiple 3rd parties providers and internal business stakeholders to come up with enhanced customer centric online solution. As well as making sure that all customer experience journeys require detailed business and technical analyses and pragmatic UX solutions have to be delivered rather than to have a blue sky conceptual re-design.


The online team is responsible for the customer experience:

  • The work involved working closely with business analysts and solution architects to understand the business requirements and technical limitations

  • Understand the multi-channel dependencies then translate these requirements and limitations into end-to-end customer journeys.

  • Create User flows, wireframes specifications and prototypes to produced to facilitate communications across various streams including business and technical Oversight & Coordination.


A flexible platform that allow them to streamline existing business process and achieve their forthcoming business roadmap hence aiming to meet their KPIs sooner in the future. Two years of dedicated team effort and a completely new customer experience for Virgin Media Mobile customers.