digital TRANSFORMATION FOR Lloyds banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group is a major British financial institution. The transformation programme keep the customer at the centre and the new relationship that digital creates between bank and clients.


OUR Role

We were asked to help Lloyds TSB to revamp Lloyds TSB Internet banking – to provide great user experience, simple design and richer, more engaging customer experience journeys that transformed the way people bank online.


Lloyds TSB was one of the early adopters in providing Internet banking (IB) service. The
legacy of the system means it was extremely challenging to improve the customer
experience within it’s already closely knitted system. In order to provide a truly customer
centric online banking experience for Internet banking, we had to navigate through the
back end limitations to minimise backend changes whilst making sure the user experience solutions were articulated and communicated clearly and effectively not only to the business stakeholders, but to the in house and off shore development team whom were to bring the solutions to live.


Working with various disciplines within the transformation team to shape, scope, develop and build the Internet banking stream of the business.

  • Ensuring that we follow a structured UX process that comprised of shaping the digital strategy and supported the overall business strategy and specific KPIs
  • Casting the right UX team for each IB project
  • Making sure the digital principles and UX design principles were clearly followed or defined for each project. This involved visualising the UX solution by means of user journeys, wireframes and prototypes. These UX deliverables were used to demonstrate how the short, medium and long term plan/vision could be achieved
  • Hosting and leading UX workshops in order to scope and define the solutions together with business stakeholders and individuals from other disciplines
  • Assuring the consistency and quality of each UX deliverable to enable efficient and effective development process further down the work stream and ensuring the delivered solution was as specified in the UX specifications


With over 10 million active customers using Lloyd’s online banking, logging in over a billion times a year, there was a significant uplift in customers taking up online banking services.  Ensuring business KPIs were achieved through the delivered customer centric online banking solutions.